About Us

HKM Water

Welcome to HKM Water, your trusted partner for comprehensive water management solutions.
HKM Water Company has founded in 2000 with an initial focus on Environmental Engineering segment. HKM first came to the Bangladesh’s attention in Environmental Segment followed by its work and experience expertise. With a strong commitment to sustainability, innovation, and excellence, we have been providing a wide range of water treatment services and products to clients across various sectors.
Our Comprehensive Offerings
At HKM Water, we offer a diverse range of services and products to cater to your water management needs:

Domestic and Industrial Water Purification: We provide cutting-edge technology for Domestic and Industrial Water Purification, ensuring clean and safe water for homes and industries.

Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier: Our Reverse Osmosis Water Purifiers guarantee high-quality water filtration, ideal for both residential and commercial use.

Iron and Arsenic Removal Plant: Our Iron and Arsenic Removal Plants address specific water quality challenges, delivering safe water for consumption and industrial use.

Effluent Treatment Plant: We offer advanced Effluent Treatment solutions for industries to meet regulatory requirements and reduce pollution.

Water Treatment Equipment and Chemicals: We supply a wide range of water treatment equipment, chemicals, and systems, including Chlorination Systems, Flow Meters, FRP Vessels, and Reverse Osmosis Membranes.

Pumps and Pumping Systems: We offer a selection of Industrial and Household Pumps, Submersible Pumps, Pressure Boosting Systems, and more.

Our Commitment to Sustainability
HKM Water is dedicated to sustainable and eco-friendly water management practices. We work closely with regulatory bodies and municipalities to develop innovative solutions that align with environmental goals. Our expertise in green technologies ensures cost-effective, environmentally friendly solutions for the next generation.
Our Team
Our success is driven by our dedicated team of experts. At HKM Water, we recognize that our employees are the backbone of our business. They invest time in understanding our clients’ unique needs, accumulate valuable client knowledge, and deliver work that adds significant value to our clients’ businesses. We are committed to providing an inclusive work environment and meaningful opportunities for our team members to develop and make lasting contributions as they grow their careers with us.
Our People Make the Difference
As a professional services company, our greatest asset is our team of talented and dedicated professionals. They invest time in understanding our clients’ unique requirements, retain valuable client knowledge, and consistently deliver work that adds tangible value to our clients’ businesses.

We are committed to fostering an inclusive work environment where our employees can engage in meaningful work, make lasting contributions, and grow their careers with us. At HKM Water, we believe that our success is built upon the success of our clients and our people.

Experience the difference with HKM Water – where innovative solutions meet a commitment to sustainability, quality, and excellence in water management and purification.